Listing cryptocurrencies on Braziliex


The first step to list a cryptocurrency on Braziliex is the identification of the responsible for the project. Documents should be submitted during the signup procedure (

Once the account is approved, the responsible will fill in the form “Listing cryptocurrencies on Braziliex”. (LINK:

Braziliex will perform a legal and technical evaluation of the current project and, based on its results, will inform whether the token is eligible or not to be listed. As for the evaluation phase, Braziliex will charge USD 2.500 (or BRL 9.000), non-refundable. The exchange accepts bank or BTC transfers.

The main purpose of the evaluation phase is depicted below:

Technical evaluation: platform integration, additional requirements and potential threats to the platform security and stability.

Legal evaluation: possible legal restrictions based on the Brazilian law, responsible’ background. Regarding the responsible’ background, Braziliex will check if they were involved in criminal activities such as terrorism, money laundry, drugs dealing, financial crimes in general, among others.

It is important to mention that additional information can be required in order to complete the legal and technical evaluation. The process will take up to 8 weeks, and the responsible will receive a feasibility analysis report supporting Braziliex decision. In case of project approval, Braziliex will indicate how the new token will be traded on the platform: Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), and/or BRL (Real) pairing.

The second and final phase involves the investments required to the token listing. Braziliex will charge additional 7.500 USD or 27.000 BRL that will be invested on equipment and platform integration.

Terms and conditions can be negotiated and fees can be paid in BRL, BTC or even in the new token (once liquidity and market price are guaranteed).

For additional information, please send an email at

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